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    6 FADE
    /slideshows/homeMedium/pentecost2.jpg Sunday, May 24, 2015 May we call upon the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within us just as the Holy Spirit came and dwelt within the disciples on that first Pentecost!
    /slideshows/homeMedium/sa_23.jpg Welcome to St. Augustine Parish Knowing, Becoming and Sharing the Heart and Mind of Christ http://www.etourvision.com/360tours/staugustine/ _blank
    /slideshows/homeMedium/May_day_sa.jpg May Crowning May 3, 2015 /photoalbums _parent
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_7644%20600x800.jpg "Love Thy Neighbor" May 9, 2015 /photoalbums _parent